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Founded in 1979, The Clausen Agency is a family owned and operated New York insurance agency with a commitment and desire to establish trust and a long lasting relationship with our clients. As an independent insurance brokerage we have access to many carriers, allowing us to offer you the best rates throughout New York. Insurance is our passion and our extensive network of providers guarantees that we can provide the most extensive insurance options for you, our valued customer.

At The Clausen Insurance Agency we offer quality solutions to the New York business insurance and personal insurance marketplace. By gaining a thorough understanding of your insurance goals and concerns, we are able to advise you on the most appropriate coverages for your circumstances. Our agents work for you, not a major insurance company, which allows us the flexibility to help you design a New York insurance package that caters to your unique requirements. Whether your legal office is in need of attorney malpractice insurance in New York or you’ve recently purchased your first house and are seeking affordable home insurance in New York, we can furnish all of your New York insurance requirements under one roof at The Clausen Agency, Inc..

Our experienced staff can help you develop a broad scope of risk management solutions ranging from New York car insurance and renters insurance in NYC to New York workers compensation and small business health insurance in New York. Our experienced NY insurance specialists are dedicated to services individuals, families and businesses throughout New York. Insurance can be confusing, but teaming with The Clausen Agency, Inc. will make selecting the appropriate coverages significantly easier.

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Business Insurance.   The Clausen Agency, Inc. specializes in providing top notch business insurance NY business owners can trust. In your nonstop efforts to maximize profits and lower costs, have you ever considered doing this through your business insurance?

New York Workers Compensation Insurance.

For competitive rates on workers compensation, New York companies can rely on The Clausen Agency, Inc.

The foundation of any business is its employees. Your employees work hard and do your business proud every day. Some employees even put their wellbeing on the line in order to do work for your business. Because of this, it is important that you make sure your employees know that they can count on your business for protection in case of an on-the-job accident.

This worker’s protection is best implemented by New York workers compensation insurance from The Clausen Agency, Inc.. With our workers compensation, New York employees will feel like their business truly cares about them, and values the work that they do.

At The Clausen Agency, Inc., our insurance representatives will guide you through the process of exploring the needs of your business and designing an appropriate insurance policy for your workers compensation. New York policies typically include one or more of the following:

  • Medical expenses for injured workers
  • Lost income or wages for employees that are unable to work because of an injury
  •  Rehabilitation costs for employees that need it
  • Death benefits in the unfortunate circumstance that an employee is killed on the job

Having these coverages makes NY workers compensation insurance a benefit to your business. Accidents happen, and with workers compensation, New York workers that are injured because of your business will be protected by The Clausen Agency, Inc.

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Insurance News

Understanding Worker’s Compensation Coverage

New York Workers’ Comp Claims: Eligibility, Filing and Appeals.

Learning more about the way workers’ compensation works in the state of New York

If you get sick as a result of your employment or you’re injured on the job in NY, you’ll be able to file a workers compensation claim. With the help of the following guide, you’ll be able to determine if you’re eligible for receiving compensation in NY as a result of a work related injury and if so, the steps you should take to file it.

The majority of employers have workers compensation insurance, including yours, meaning that if any employee is injured on the job, the insurance is going to cover the costs of treatment. If you’re currently working in NYC, then your employee needs to provide you with workers compensation benefits in the event you’re injured or get ill as a result of your employment. READ MORE>>

Protecting Your Employees and Your Business.

One of the most important things you need to bear in mind as an employer is the safety of your employees. However, in the event one of your employees suffers an injury, both you and the employee are going to be protected by the workers’ compensation coverage.

This type of coverage is a state mandated insurance program that offers medical treatment and lost wages that result from an employee’s work related illness or injury. The workers compensation policy also covers services that a potential employee may require in order to be able to return to work after suffering a work related illness or injury. READ MORE>>

What Does a Business owners Policy (BOP) Cover?

With business insurance companies selling policies that provide combined protection from all major liability and property risks in a single package, consumers can now benefit from maximum protection at an affordable cost. On top of that, coverage is also available for purchase separately. The majority of mid-sized and small companies usually purchase a BOP or businessowners policy. Package policies are generally considered by businesses that usually face the same degree and type of risk. However, there are also packages designed specifically for larger businesses which may be interested in buying a commercial package policy or a customized policy that fully addresses their specific needs. READ MORE>>

Why Workers Compensation is Essential to Business Owners.

Workers compensation insurance is essential to any business and that’s because it protects its employees and employers against financial loss in the event of injury. Every company out there needs to provide its employees with workers compensation benefits. In this regard, employees can include most subcontractors, family members, part timers, volunteers, borrowed staff, leased staff and day labor. If you’re a business owner and you’d like to learn more about workers compensation, please visit www.WCB.NY.Gov. There you’ll be able to download the Employers Handbook, a useful resource that lets you know everything about workers compensation. READ MORE>>

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