Having a car accident is scary, so let us help you through the aftermath with our New York Car Insurance

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Are you always worried that you may experience a car accident? This is a common fear for many drivers. However, no matter how experienced you are, you must always take precautions. In order to protect your vehicle, family, and others on the road, you should invest in coverage you can count on.

According to The Millerplace-Rocky Point Patch, the intersection of Route 25A and Route 347 experienced a two car collision, which resulted in a head injury for one of the car’s occupants. The police announced that it was unclear at the time of the accident if anyone was hospitalized.

Serious injuries can incur at the scene of an accident. At The Clausen Agency, we find it extremely important for all local drivers to have the protection they deserve so they won’t have to live in fear. Therefore, to avoid extreme damages and financial loss, you need our New York car insurance.

With our help, you can find a policy that will fit your life and your budget. Our coverage package includes a variety of options, ranging from collision, bodily injury, property damage, medical payments, and more. You safety is our priority, which is why we can offer you peace of mind on the road with our New York car insurance.


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