Our New York Car Insurance Will Always Remain Affordable No Matter How High Gas Prices Rise!

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Are you cringing every time you see the gas prices rise? This is a sentiment the entire nation is feeling, but there are still ways you can save on costs related to your car. Your primary concern should be the protection of your family both on and off the road. By teaching safe practices and always wearing a seatbelt, you can help prevent serious accidents. However, in case the unpredictable arises, you need our New York car insurance by your side.

According to Main Street, gas prices are steadily on the rise, pushing the price of a gallon to $3.58, up 20 cents from a month ago. Each time you get gas for your car, the money you save will begin to dwindle. However, the following are some tips for spending less on gas:

Find the Cheapest Station
Usually when you see two or more gas stations in the same general area, their prices will be very similar. But Philip Reed, senior consumer advice editor for car site Edmunds.com, says stations in different parts of town can have very different prices, so it pays to shop around. Reed recommends using a site such as GasBuddy, which tracks gas prices at stations in your area and has a free iPhone app.

Fill It Up With Regular, Please

Do you have a tendency to treat your car to premium gasoline at the pump? If so, you’re probably wasting money. “There are a lot of cars that recommend premium gas, but they would run just fine on regular,” Reed says. “If premium is required, then you have to put it in, but ‘recommended’ is the key word.”

Drive More Efficiently
Arguably the best way to save on gas is to use less of it. There are a number of ways to accomplish this – when it comes time to buy a car you can, for instance, switch to a hybrid or electric vehicle that gets better mileage. But in the meantime, you can use less gas by simply driving like less of a maniac.

At The Clausen Agency, we know that navigating the road can be a difficult skill to master. With gas prices increasing, many are becoming more conscious of where they drive and how they are driving. Safety should always be number one on your list, which is why we can offer you the best New York car insurance around!

The risk exposures you face on the road are different from any others you will come across on a daily basis. Not everyone follows the rules of the road, but our policy will protect you from mishaps you may face. In addition, we offer discounts for those who own multiple cars, have a record of safe driving, have a family member in the military, and more. So don’t hesitate, provide you family with the security they deserve through our New York car insurance!


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