New York Car Insurance: Protecting You from the Most Unexpected Incidents!

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Some people drive slowly, others have lead foots, and most have some form of road rage. However, no matter how angry you get at another driver, you must keep your cool and control your emotions. If you fail to do so, this could result in a serious accident. Yet, in a different scenario, someone could strike your vehicle out of rage, and when this happens, you need New York car insurance by your side.

According to the Wall Street Journal, road rage was the reason for charges against one woman, who wasn’t event the operator of the vehicle. Officials reported that this female passenger become upset when a car was following the one she was in too closely. She decided to throw her cup of coffee at the other vehicle. However, the driver’s window was partially opened, resulting in the hot liquid getting all over. Police charged the woman with criminal mischief and harassment, while the driver of the other vehicle was charged with following too closely.

At The Clausen Agency, we hope no one has to experience this type of wild behavior while on the road. Not only did the woman put her life in danger, but everyone else involved as well. Road rage is not the solution to the problems you face while driving. Instead, you must operate a vehicle safely and remain alert. In addition, if you face an unpredictable accident, you need New York car insurance!

We will help you find the perfect plan that will meet the specific needs of your lifestyle. No matter what type of vehicle you own, we can provide you with coverage options that will allow you to have peace of mind on the road. This policy will typically pay for bodily injury, property damage, roadside assistance, and much more. Our goal is to keep you safe, so invest in New York car insurance to keep the rest of your family secure!


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