New York Business Insurance will Help Satisfy Your Customers by Allowing You to Remain Open!

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As a business owner, you know that your customers come first. Their satisfaction with your products is what keeps you going. However, what if you suffer from an accident? Will you be able to remain open for your community? The unpredictable could occur at any moment, so to avoid the financial consequences you need coverage from New York business insurance.

According to The New York Times, the Brooklyn Taco Company food stand was able to remain opened due to Accion East, a nonprofit microlender that specializes in giving small loans to entrepreneurs who have not been in business long. For owners Ms. Molina and Mr. Kramer, this has been a dream come true towards continuing their passion. The $5,000 loan allowed Ms. Molina to buy a counter, used refrigerator, and electric griddle.

Microlending has become increasingly popular in the United States because it is what keeps small businesses from going under. These loans, on average, create two and a half jobs, which is a huge support for a business as well as allowing it to generate revenue. This ultimately creates stability in communities and employment, becoming an efficient tool for driving the economy.

At The Clausen Agency, we understand how tough the economy may have been on your small business. However, if an accident occurs on top of the struggle, this could result in financial ruin. Even though the unpredictable can strike at any moment, that doesn’t mean you have to suffer the consequences. Let New York business insurance get you back on your feet towards pursuing your passion!

We specialize in creating a quality package that you can trust. Our team will work hard to find the right coverage for your business and your employees. You can include a variety of coverage options in your policy, such as workers compensation, commercial property, general liability, and much more. So protect what means most to you with reliable New York business insurance!


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