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What You Need to Know About Legal Malpractice Insurance For any individual or attorney that sets out to start a solo practice business, things can be quite rocky in the

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If you feel a rumble beneath the ground, it might not be an earthquake. It might just be the cyber insurance boom getting ready to explode. Cyber insurance policies, which

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In recent years, cyber insurance has become a bona fide market and managed to attract interest from a wide range of enterprises, and produce many billions of dollars in revenue.

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Legal malpractice insurance or LMI is meant to protect lawyers from potential lawsuits filed against their firm or themselves due to their willful misrepresentation or negligence of their client. Legal

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As a lawyer, if someone files a malpractice lawsuit against you, then this can be a nightmare to deal with since they’re basically putting your ethics and competency under the

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More and more companies are going paperless these days and while this is a great step towards greater efficiency and at the same time environmental protection, they also subject themselves

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There are many factors that impact the cost of malpractice insurance for attorneys and some of them include the area of law the attorney practices in, deductible amount, but also

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Companies are very serious about protecting their private data, but the truth is that in most cases they actually miss out on mitigating potential losses and saving costs if they