Basic Insurance Information For New Business Owners

Any person who is thinking of establishing s small business is clearly a risk taker. Being an entrepreneur is something to be proud of because it is the very lifeblood

13 Essential Types Of Insurance For Small Business Owners

General Liability Insurance All businesses, even those that are home-based must have liability insurance. This type of insurance policy provides both protection and damages in case you, your workers or

Why you need to get Commercial Property Insurance or CPI  for your Business

Whether you’re a tenant or own the premises from which you operate, you do need to make sure that your insurance covers the main risks facing your business, including general

Insurance Coverage Is Vital For Every Business

Even when revenues take a hit and cash becomes scarce, as a small business you should always have proper insurance. If you aren’t properly insured or have no adequate, proper

Understanding Business Owners Policies (BOPs)

While it may sound surprising, the truth is that a BOP can protect your small business against a wide range of common risks. Business interruption, liability, burglary and fire losses

Workers Compensation Claims And How Employers Should Handle Them

When a company is experience rated, any amount of money paid on a claim is going to eventually impact the cost of getting workers compensation insurance (WCI). The truth is

Are You Running A Home Based Business? If So, Then Insure It Accordingly!

Are you earning money by providing online services, walking people’s dogs or giving dance lessons online? Well, the thing is that if you’re working from the comfort of your own

Protect Your Business By Purchasing Contractors Insurance

It was a lot easier a few years ago for most contracting companies to recover in the event of a potential disaster (financially speaking) regardless if we’re talking about small

Professional Liability Insurance For Lawyers And Why You Should Get It

Running a law firm is not an easy feat and in order to be fully protected against liability, you may have to buy different kinds of lawyers insurance. Some of

Top 5 Best Tips To Know About Getting Workers Compensation As A New Employer

If you’ve had to buy workers compensation insurance before, then you probably know that it’s not cheap. As an employer, the cost can be quite high and this is exactly