Basic Insurance Information For New Business Owners

Any person who is thinking of establishing s small business is clearly a risk taker. Being an entrepreneur is something to be proud of because it is the very lifeblood

The 6 Things to Consider When Choosing a Cyber Insurance Policy

Why Your Company Needs a Cyber Liability Insurance Policy Just like most other types of corporate insurance, cyber insurance has become very important for a lot of companies. In fact,

Cyber Insurance: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Costs?

If you feel a rumble beneath the ground, it might not be an earthquake. It might just be the cyber insurance boom getting ready to explode. Cyber insurance policies, which

Should I get cyber insurance for my business?

In recent years, cyber insurance has become a bona fide market and managed to attract interest from a wide range of enterprises, and produce many billions of dollars in revenue.

What is Data Breach Coverage?

More and more companies are going paperless these days and while this is a great step towards greater efficiency and at the same time environmental protection, they also subject themselves

10 Excellent Tips For Firms Purchasing Cyber Security Insurance Coverage

Companies are very serious about protecting their private data, but the truth is that in most cases they actually miss out on mitigating potential losses and saving costs if they

Best Practices for Avoiding Data Breach Liability

Cyber attacks and data breaches are quite often and in the past several years, Wyndham Hotels, LinkedIn, Yahoo, but also Google have been the victims of various data breaches. Data

Cyber Liability Insurance is almost mandatory for Law Firms

Law firms handle a lot of private and sensitive data, including third party data, clients’ data, etc when doing business. The truth is that no matter how secure these firms

Cyber Insurance is Becoming Increasingly Popular

When it comes to cyber attacks, no company is immune to them. Luckily, you can easily mitigate your losses by getting cyber insurance. These days more and more companies buy

What is Cyber Insurance and why you need it

While it won’t protect your company against cyber crime, cyber insurance will definitely protect you in the event you suffer a breach that leads to the loss of important data,