Insuring your dream home, along the coastline, certainly can be difficult if you lack the right resources.

It’s true—insurance companies across the country are feeling the pain that results from significant losses, due to the frequency and severity of coastal storms. Insuring shore-side properties can be a complicated process. To be sufficiently protected against all possible risks, several insurance endorsements may be required—so where do you even begin?

Luckily for you, at The Clausen Agency, Inc. we specialize in helping coastal homeowners find the distinct coverage they need for their shoreline homes. We have the skilled expertise and knowledge needed to accurately assess your risks exposures and help you craft the perfect coverage plan—one that genuinely matches your unique property’s needs.

At The Clausen Agency, Inc., we can help you customize a multi-lines insurance policy that combines all the necessary protections you need, including losses affecting the building, its content, loss of other personal possessions and liability.

Get the coverage you both need and deserve for your shoreline home. While we are located in New York, we can service your coastal homeowners insurance requests in Connecticut and New Jersey as well. Contact The Clausen Agency, Inc. to speak with one of our insurance specialists about your options today!