You found the perfect location – and clientele – for your convenience store.

The décor is done, the shelves stocked, and the doors open. Now, all you need is the perfect insurance policy to make sure all your hard work and planning won’t be for naught.

You understand running your own convenience store brings with it a tremendous amount of risk. It goes without saying that on any given day you face a number risks other businesses don’t have to contend with. Theft, assaults, and vandalism are just some of the crime-related risks, not to mention the ubiquitous risks of property and equipment damage.

At The Clausen Agency, Inc., we can’t minimize the risks – but, we can minimize your financial exposure. Our knowledgeable agents can readily explain the details of our Convenience Store Insurance. We can work with you to tailor it to your specific needs and finds ways of saving you time and money.

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