Cyber Crimes and Hackers Can Put Your Restaurant Out of Business - 4 Ways to Prevent Your Social Media from Being Hacked

Restaurants and cyber crimes may seem at different ends of the spectrum, but every business relies on building a solid reputation for success. Social media marketing can help build your brand, but if a cyber criminal hacks your account, they can quickly ruin your reputation. If the wrong messages are posted on your business’ Twitter or Instagram account, it can do irreparable damage and could put you out of business. Be vigilant and consider using these four methods to protect your restaurant’s social media accounts from hackers.

1. Enhance Your Passwords

Hackers are experts at figuring out passwords, and the easiest way to protect your social media accounts is using strong passwords. Your password should contain letters (caps and lowercase), numbers and symbols, and should not contain names or dates that could be guessed. You should change your password at least every three months and never leave your login information where anyone can access it.

2. Limit Access to Your Social Media Accounts

Only a few trusted employees should have access to your social media accounts. They have your business’ reputation at their fingertips, so only give access to those who are responsible for your marketing. If an employee that has access quits or is fired, change your social media account login information immediately.

3. Only Use Secure Networks

As tempting as it may be, never check your social media accounts for your business on an unsecured wi-fi network. Your login and password can easily be retrieved by cyber criminals on a public network. Only use password protected, secure networks to access your business social media accounts.

4. Protect Your Business Network

There are many reasons to protect your business’ computer network, but one of the more important is to keep it safe from cyber criminals. You need excellent anti-virus software and firewalls to protect your business’ digital information, including your social media accounts. You should also restrict use of your computers – blocking unsecure sites can help minimize risks of letting a hacker into your network.

Cyber crimes happen every day – don’t let a hacker shut down your restaurant. Protect your business’ social media and online accounts – you should also have a backup plan to recover losses in the event of a cyber crime.  The Clausen Agency, Inc., offers cyber insurance to help you recover damages if your business is targeted in a cyber crime. Contact us today to get a free quote.