4 Ways Your Salon Stylists Can Be Customer Retention Rockstars

Client retention is a key component to success in the salon industry. Bringing in new customers is expensive; creating repeat customers is the best way to increase your profits. Both salon owners and stylists can earn more revenue from building a loyal client base. If you want to grow your business, you need stylists that understand the best ways to create repeat clients. Here are four tips to help your stylists build their client list, becoming retention rockstars.

1. Know Your Salon Clients

A professional stylist knows her clients. Keeping a customer file for preferences, colors, contact information and even personal tidbits can help build that relationship. It is almost impossible to remember every detail about the hundreds of clients each stylist may see each month. Customer files are a great way to make that personal connection quickly, even with clients a stylist has only worked with once or twice.

2. Book the Next Appointment

At the end of a visit, stylists should be booking the next appointment with their clients. This is the best way to bring clients back time and time again. Put the next coloring or cut in the books and give the client a reminder card. Stylists should be sure to collect contact information and ask the best way to contact their clients to confirm appointments.

3. Use Reminders to Maintain Contact

Most people are busy and reminders are key to ensure clients show up for their salon appointments. Stylists should be sending emails, texting or calling clients to confirm appointments 1-2 days before they are scheduled. On top of scheduled appointments, reaching out to clients that have not been in for awhile can be a great way to fill time when it is slow and bring back old customers.

4. Keep Your Salon Clients Engaged Online

Social media, texts and email blasts can all help build loyalty to your salon and to your stylists. Encourage your stylists to connect with clients through social media and other online options. Sending out promotions, client referral incentives and special events to clients keeps your salon and stylist “top of mind” and can improve customer loyalty.

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