3 Ways to Make Sure Your Salon Products Are Flying Off the Shelves

Sending your clients out the door with salon products after their service is an excellent way to increase your per-client revenue. If you own a hair salon or spa, your retail products offer a great revenue source that is often underutilized. Like adding dessert to dinner at a restaurant, your salon products can be the up-sell you need to bring your profits to the next level. Here are three ways your employees can enhance your salon product sales.

1. Use Products on Your Clients

Your salon probably already uses the products you sell, which gives your employees a chance to up-sell their benefits while providing their service to clients. Hair stylists should be telling their clients what products they are using as they wash, condition and style their hair. If they love the look of their new style, they will want to recreate it at home using the same products.

2. Offer Product Discounts with Service

Give your clients incentive to buy products when they come in for their service. It is unlikely a client will come back just to buy salon products – they are more likely to just replenish the same products they have been using from the same source. Offering a discount off products the same day as a service can give them a reason to stock up on what they need at your salon.

3. Make Recommendations

Your clients come to your salon to look their best. Use your expertise to help them achieve their best look with recommendations. If a client complains about flat, thin hair or you notice they have dry skin, recommend a product that can help treat the issue. Coach your employees on how to spot opportunities to educate clients on the best products to improve healthier skin or hair, leading to higher sales of your retail products.

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