4 Ways to Make Your Salon Greener

How green is your hair salon? Choosing options to protect the environment while running a successful salon do not need to interfere with one another. There are ways to make your salon greener while still achieving your revenue goals. Green methods can even attract eco-conscious clients to your salon who prefer to frequent businesses that make efforts to protect our natural resources. Here are four tips to improve the “greenness” of your salon.


  1. Embrace Technology and Go Paperless

In today’s world of cell phones and debit cards, it is easier than ever to say goodbye to paper. Everything from receipts to invoices can be done electronically. Investing in new technology to streamline your transactions, ordering and other communication without paper saves trees, time and is a greener way to run your business.


  1. Avoid One-Use Items

From single-use coffee cups or pods to sample-sized packaging, all these one-use items add up to a lot of trash headed for landfills. Consider reusable and refillable items to reduce your waste. Buy attractive coffee mugs that can be washed and reused for your employees and clients. Buy in bulk and refill containers instead of buying small items with individual packaging. Every step helps reduce waste.


  1. Buy Green Products

Salons use many different products, from your shampoos and hair treatments to the cleaners for tools and equipment. You can choose to use green products that contain natural or bio-friendly ingredients, keeping chemicals out of the water system. Look for companies that offer non-toxic or natural products, both for use in beauty treatments and for sanitizing your salon.


  1. Recycle

Make the effort to recycle everything possible to avoid excess trash. This includes product containers, papers, beverage bottles and other small items, but also larger items. When you are updating furniture, computers or equipment, donate your old items to charities, schools or other organizations that can make use of your “trash.”


As you make the move to a greener salon, you may also be going more digital. You want to ensure your business’ cyber information is protected from breaches and loss. Contact our team at The Clausen Agency, Inc., to review your insurance coverage needs, including cyber insurance to protect your digital information and transactions.




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