An Easy NY Paid Family Leave Guide Every Salon Owner Should Read   

Since January 1, 2018, New York state requires most private businesses to provide a Paid Family Leave coverage (PFL) for their employees. It’s important to understand what your program is required to provide, as well as other details regarding its enactment. The purpose of the PFL is to provide time off with pay for family members who wish to bond with a new baby, adopted or foster children, to care for a family member with serious health issues, or to help family when a loved one is deployed overseas for active military duty.

New York Paid Family Leave Guide:

The Clausen Agency, Inc., specializes in the issues and concerns a salon owner might have in facilitating coverage for their employees. Our guide below is a great place to start in understanding your PFL program.

1. Required coverage – You’ll know if your salon is one of the private businesses required to provide PFL if you already have to provide Disability Benefits or “DBL.” Any employee who is already covered by Disability should also already be covered under PFL.

2. Written sources available – Information about PFL should be included in your employee handbook or similar handouts. You must also provide your employees written guidance regarding how to file a claim for PFL. There also needs to be a printed copy posted in a prominent employee physical space outlining the New York state PFL policy.

3. Notice prior to use – Your salon employees need to give you 30 days’ notice prior to using their PFL. There may be an exception in cases of unexpected needs, such as a sudden illness or accident of a family member.

4. Job security – An employee’s job is protected when they take Paid Family Leave, regardless of the company size of the employer. If you, the employer, fail to reinstate an employee after their PFL, they can report you to the state, who will give you 30 days to comply or to respond formally to your employee.

5. Deductions – You are not required to take any deductions from employees to cover your PFL expenses, if, as the employer, you choose to make that an additional benefit for your employees. If you do take deductions from them, you may not take them retroactively, or for more than the legal contribution amount allowed.

6. Paid Time Off protected  Employers may not require employees to use up accumulated paid time off prior to using their PFL. The only exception is for FMLA approved leave.

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