6 Reasons Why Your Salon Could Be a Costly Cyber Theft Target

As a hair salon owner, you may not worry about cyber theft. After all, there are much bigger fish in the sea for cyber criminals, and your small business is hardly worth their time. If this is what you believe, you could be at risk. There are many cyber criminals that specifically target small businesses like salons. Here are six reasons why your salon could be the next cyber theft target and how to protect your business.

1. Lack of Security

The number one reason small businesses like salons are cyber theft targets is the lack of digital security. Since many small business owners think they are not a target, they do not invest in adequate internet security. Make sure all your computers are protected with updated security and antivirus software.

2. Poor Password Protection

Big companies ensure their employees have strong passwords and change them frequently. Cyber criminals know small business owners are less likely to use strong passwords or may use the same one for several accounts. Update your passwords to use numbers, symbols and lower/uppercase letters, and change them every few months.

3. Digital Files for Customers

Salons are targeted not just for the owner’s financial information, but also their clients’ data. If you have digital files for your customers with their credit card numbers or other personal information, you could be a valuable target.

4. No Encryption

Few salons have an IT department to handle their digital devices and ensure all accounts and information is encrypted. This makes it easy for cyber criminals to access your credit cards and financial accounts, as well as those of your clients. Investing in encryption protection can help reduce this risk.

5. High Employee Turnover

Small businesses like salons tend to have a high turnover in employees. A disgruntled employee could be a threat to your business even after they are gone if they use or share your logon and password information. Make sure to be careful who you give passwords to and change them as soon as an employee is no longer with your company.

6. Unsecured Devices

If you have employees at your salon accessing your digital systems with their smartphones or tablets, you are an easy target for cyber criminals. Limit access to your salon’s digital information from only secured devices.

You have worked hard to build your business. You need to protect your salon, clients and reputation from criminal threats, including cyber-criminal activity. The Clausen Agency, Inc., has the cyber insurance coverage you need to protect your salon from financial damage if you are targeted by an online criminal attack. Contact our office to learn more or fill out our online form for a free cyber insurance quote.

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