3 Simple Tips to Avoid Worker’s Compensation Headaches for Your Medical Practice

Keeping your employees safe from injury is good for your employees and good for your medical practice’s bottom line. When an employee is injured on the job, worker’s compensation insurance is there to ensure your staff will get the medical care they need and help cover other expenses. Worker’s compensation claims can be stressful and cause increased premiums and other issues for your practice. Here are three ways to avoid worker’s compensation headaches at your medical practice while protecting your employees and your practice.

1. Improve Safety

Avoiding accidents is the best way to reduce the chance of employee injuries. Preventing slippery floors can help minimize dangerous slip and fall injuries. Ensuring that all equipment works correctly to help reduce strain on back, shoulders, and wrists can minimize repeated movement injuries. Educate your employees on safety protocol and prevention to limit injuries at your practice. Limiting the number of employee injury claims is the best way to keep your insurance costs low and protect your employees.

2. Record Details with Any Employee Injury

Even with the best safety habits accidents can occur. When an employee is injured, record all details of the incident. Complete a full report on the incident, including time, events, witness accounts, and photographic details of what caused the injury. You should send this report to your worker’s compensation insurance company within 24 hours to help with processing the claim.

3. Review Your Worker’s Compensation Policy & Premium

Your annual worker’s compensation audit has a big impact on your premiums. Make sure your payroll codes are correct and that you are paying a fair premium for your level of incidents. Are some of your employees independent contractors or employees? This distinction is important when providing numbers for your premium audit. Managing your insurance policy can help keep premiums low and ensure you do not encounter any surprises down the road when claims are made.

Employee injuries can be stressful and put a strain on your practice. Make sure you have the right worker’s compensation policy in place with an insurance company that will help you through the process when you need to use your insurance.

Please contact me to schedule and insurance review. I can help ensure that you have the best worker’s compensation insurance for your practice. When you need to use your policy I will help make it as stress free as possible to avoid those worker’s compensation headaches.

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