Should you add your youthful operator to your auto policy, or have them get their own insurance?

| August 15, 2018

Here the some of the factors you should consider:

If you add their vehicle to your policy, the total premium most likely is going to be lower than if they were had their own policy.

Your youthful operator’s vehicle will likely be covered for higher limits of liability on your policy. But having their car on your policy means you're at risk for being surcharged or even non-renewed (or worse!) because of their bad driving record.

If your youthful operator get’s his/her own insurance, the premiums going to be higher than if it was on your policy.  But…I've heard some people say that a young

Person could benefit from a sense of ownership and responsibility that comes with having everything in their name. Hey, if they don't pay the premium… that policy is going to cancel.

Having the car in your youthful driver’s name means your policy is less

likely to be impacted by their driving mishaps.

Bottom line…there are advantages and disadvantages both ways.  If you like to have a further discussion about this or any other insurance topic, give us a call 631-744 -1393.  Email