Super-Agent Reveals Secrets to Thriving in Tough Times

| October 30, 2019

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Forty years ago Chris Clausen started his agency by knocking on doors. Now he sits on top of the dominant agency in his marketplace. But he’s not resting on his laurels. The Founder and President of The Clausen Agency sees the pace of change as faster than ever, and declares ‘agents who don’t figure it out, will be left out.’ And, he knows that alone will make a lot of agents unnerved, uncomfortable, and uncertain.

Chris shared his personal mind-set and performance secrets for pushing through the toughest times, regardless of the challenges the world has in store: 

  • His four point system to help you achieve goal after goal against the odds
  • Chris’ inspiring story about why he embraces the pain when it’s almost too much to bear
  • The ‘three little words’ that inspired one of his most rewarding personal victories

Many agents feel that now—and the coming few years—will be the most challenging they’ve ever faced. Chris gives deeply personal insight that will make you hunger for challenge and fight through difficulty. Be prepared to be inspired!