Errors and Omissions

Get an Errors & Omissions Insurance or Professional Liability Quote

As a service professional, you should know that Errors & Omissions Insurance PL or Professional Liability Insurance are very important to consider. While not many are those that can admit they made a mistake, there are cases when our business advice doesn’t get us the results we’re looking for. When that happens, The Clausen Agency has your back.

PL is a specific type of coverage that’s going to protect you when one of your customers is harmed by the advice or services that you’ve provided him and for which you’re held legally liable.

This type of insurance covers the following:

PL covers potential advice or mistakes that your company has provided to its customers through professional services, including the failure of delivering those services.

Defense Costs
It provides coverage for potential lawsuits (defense costs) filed against your company even if it’s your fault or the client’s fault.

Services Previously Performed
For up to a certain amount of time, your company is going to be covered for the services it provides to its clients. Errors and Omissions coverage insures not only your previous work, but also your future and current work with 1 policy.

Independent Contractors, Temporary Staff and Employees
We can help you effectively protect your staff. Should your company consider getting professional liability insurance? Maybe you need to get some extra coverage as well?
We can offer coverage for a wide range of businesses that provide advice and services such as:

1. Occupational therapists.
2. Business consultants.
3. Management consultants.
4. Travel Agents.
5. IT Consultants.
6. Property Managers.
7. Real Estate Managers.
8. Mental Health Counselors.
9. Family Health Counselors.
10. Coaches Photographers.
11. Business/Career Trainers Photographers.
12. Personal Trainers.
13. Salon Services.
14. Beauticians.

If you still require help with PL insurance, be sure to call us at 631-744-1393 and our professionals will be more than happy to help you get the right policy for your needs.